February 4, 2011

The Puppies Are Here!

Okay, so at 5:30 Mia started pushing and by 6pm we had the 1st puppy born that was a black female. Very shortly after (like 10 min later) we had the 2nd puppy which was also a female but, black and brown colored. Then , after puppy number 2 was born we had to wait two hours on baby number 3, which, by the way, was a black male who was born around 9pm. Then the wait was on for what we thought would be baby #4. The next day I took Mia to the vet, as we had seen a sac of what we thought was puppy #4 but it just kept going back inside. When we arrived at the vet they gave her an Oxytocin injection to restart contractions. Once the Oxytocin did not work they were to perform a c-section. Upon c-section, about an hour later, I received a call from the doctor about his findings. He stated that there were no extra puppies but she did in fact have some type of blisters/plagues/growths ll over her uterus and suggested that it be removed immediately. Upon picking Mia up at the vet, her doctor came out, with her uterus in his hand contained in a plastic bag, to show me the unusual blisters/growths/plagues that he had found. He then said the best way he could describe how it looked upon examination after removal was like mold---and in fact it did. However, he stated he had seen nothing like it before and said if nothing else that it WAS GODS will for me to of brought her in for a c-section or else it could of been life threatening later on down the road for her.
Now, here are some pictures of the precious puppies that were born on the anniversary of my Sweet Angel Bambina's death.